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ITC Connects Customers to Brands In Real Time – Anywhere Online

InTheChat (ITC) unified omni-channel platform brings chat to your website, mobile website and mobile app while also enabling 2-way text messaging, social media, Messenger and email within the same unbroken chain of customer communication.

With ITC, your agents can seamlessly toggle between any digital channel including web & mobile chat. Empower your customers by giving them choices and a service experience they won’t forget.

ITC customer
Hi, I was just talking to Bill through Twitter DM and he said he could walk me through the next steps on chat but I only have a few minutes.
Yes, this is Bill, we’re already connected. I can help you out over chat until you have to go, then if you like we can continue or text until we have your inquiry resolved.
digital agent
ITC customer
Wow thanks, Bill. This is so cool.

ITC lets your agents and customers communicate fluidly across text, social media and web & mobile chat. ITC skills-based routing capabilities and your agent’s bird’s-eye view of all communications through a unified platform means your customers can carry on a continuous dialogue with your brand — regardless of channel.

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