3 Tools Customer Service Needs to Win Social Media

In customer service digital means immediate, no-wait responsiveness through a multitude of digital channels. This is intimidating for many businesses because the telephone has dominated customer support for the better part of a century. It’s easier when customer service is limited to a private, one-to-one voice channel.

Today, social media provides anyone the power to publish remarks about any brand online. No wonder some businesses are wary of social media, it’s a wild frontier.

However, armed with the right tools, the right intelligence, insights and attitude, social customer service can transform your agents and even your customers into champions for your brand.

Arm Your Champions!

Customer service professionals need to be prepared with basic tools and the tactics to use them. Here are three ways to arm your customer service team to win social media.

  1. Intelligence: Insight directly from the field is critical. Intelligent social listening tools will pull not just direct communications but ANY mention of your brand into a queue. Social listening with smart text analytics takes it a step further to sort and categorize your brand’s mentions and automatically forward them to the most relevant agent available. Smart routing as part of a complete platform allows your agents to make instant responses through any social media channel. This is an indispensable tool for your digital customer service team.
  1. Core Values & Authentic Voice: If your brand were a person, who are they? What problems does your brand solve for your customers? The answers to these questions will comprise your brand’s core voice. Now use that voice to speak honestly to your customers. A little empathy goes a long way. Agents should put themselves in the customer’s place and ask, what does the customer really need and what can you do now?
  1. Wisdom: Knowing when to engage in a social conversation and when not to will elevate customer service to an art form. Too often companies feel the need to engage and try to control every aspect of a conversation in which they’re named. But this is time consuming, and can be costly with little return.Evaluate criticisms on social media and try to determine whether there is likely to be a fair return on your time. Sometimes engaging an unreasonably critical customer only brings attention to the conversation. Sometimes you just have to let it go. On the other hand, you should seek to directly address tangible, misunderstandings or misinformation about products or services. Inform with a personal touch and your brand will look like a hero.If there’s a serious issue that may require multiple engagements publicly offer help then pull the communication into a private channel, such as direct message or text. But once the issue is resolved, go back to the public channel and mention the resolution to your customer as a wrap-up. Let the customer know on the public channel: “It’s been a pleasure serving you, let us know if you have any further questions.”Now you’ve left a legacy of great customer service for anyone searching on your brand.

It Pays To Go Social

Social media can be intimidating, so it’s critical to stick to company principles, core values and cold hard analysis. Arm your agents with the tools of the trade. Your customer service department will find that social media actually saves your agents time, your company money as it increases customer satisfaction and your brand’s reputation.

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About the Author: Wayde Robson