As Retailers Adopt Mobile Commerce, They Eliminate Barriers to Mobile Customer Service

Business_IntelRetail companies are finally getting the message: The future is all about the digital experience. A new study shows that well over half of retailers see mobile as their number-one priority in 2016.

The study, which was carried out by, Forrester Research, and Bizrate Insights, involved North America-based retailers. The companies behind the survey asked these retailers what their top three priorities were for 2016.

An incredible 59 per cent – nearly six in 10 – said that improving their digital mobile experience was crucial. “Marketing” and “Site merchandising” came in second and third, respectively.

This is not the first survey to show that retail companies are focused on improving their mobile connection with consumers. Two years ago a survey by Payvision found that roughly the same percentage (57 per cent) of retailers had experienced major growth in mobile commerce – or transactions carried out using mobile devices, like cellphones.

This year, the results are even more impressive. Payvision found that a remarkable 79 per cent of retailers around the world – almost four in five – had experienced major “Mcommerce” growth over the past two years.

Although those participating in the, Forrester Research, and Bizrate Insights survey placed huge importance on mobile connection to customers, far fewer recognized the importance of customer service alone. Only two per cent, or about one in 50, said they saw this as a top priority in 2016. That’s probably because customer service is seen as a cost and often separate in retail from mobile commerce. But the opportunity for connecting the two is huge.

Today, we realize that mobile and customer service are not mutually exclusive. Today’s forward thinking retailers recognize that a frustrating customer service experience over the phone can be solved using a mobile app or text messaging (mobile) support for customers.

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