Author: Brandon Dimmel

What is “Digital Customer Service”, and What Will it Will Mean in the Future?

The simplest definition of digital customer service involves meeting the needs of customers through digital channels — from websites and email messages to text messaging, online chat and social media. Today, most serious companies and organizations have established…

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Amazon Work From Home Call Center Program Missing Digital Channels

Amazon logo

With the holiday season fast approaching, Amazon is bracing for the storm by hiring seasonal workers. However, these new Amazon employees won’t be packaging items for delivery in its warehouses — instead, they’ll be fielding customer calls from…

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Digital Services Key to Luring Retail Consumers

retail services icons

A new study of British and American consumers reveals the high cost of failing to adapt to their needs through digital services. The study, which was carried out by American commerce solutions firm Kibo, involved 3,000 people from…

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Twitter’s Tweet Turn Could Change Customer Service

Twitter social media customer service

Twitter is changing the way people tweet and it may have huge implications on the way customer service departments interact with consumers using the social media service. Not long ago Twitter announced that it would change how it…

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Digital Customer Experience Key to Chick-fil-A Rapid Growth

Chick-fil-a-one digital customer service

When one thinks of digital customer service through apps, text messaging, or social media – we’re not likely to think about fast food, an industry that hasn’t changed a lot since the turn of the century. That’s why…

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Canadians Quietly, Politely Abandon Businesses They Don’t Like

It used to be that people established tight, ongoing relationships with more than just other people – in fact, these kinds of unique relationships often extended to companies and their products. Take, for example, my parents, who’ve only…

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Customers Ditch Companies After Just One Bad Experience, Study Shows

What happens to those businesses that put less thought into customer service experience and engagement? Unsurprisingly, a new study shows the results are anything but pretty. The study, which was carried out by international consulting group Fifth Quadrant…

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Retailers Believe Digital Experience Key to Reaching Consumers

A dominant majority of retailer executives now believe that digital technology needs to play a central role in the way they interact with their customers, a new study shows. The study, which was carried out by Wipro Limited…

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As Retailers Adopt Mobile Commerce, They Eliminate Barriers to Mobile Customer Service

Retail companies are finally getting the message: The future is all about the digital experience. A new study shows that well over half of retailers see mobile as their number-one priority in 2016. The study, which was carried…

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Study Shows Customers Demand Mobile App Service

A new survey reveals that an overwhelming majority of consumers want access to a customer service experience that is entirely app-based – meaning no need to call or email for help. The survey, which involved just over 1,000…

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