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Wasn’t 2018 supposed to be the year of the chatbot? What happened?

In our last post, we talked about the difficulty of balancing the excitement that the limitless potential of digital technology inspires against the practical realities of implementation on a large scale, which led us to ask: Wasn’t 2018…

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Buzzword-Free Advice for Getting Started with Your Own Customer Service Bots

This month, we’ve been looking at chatbots for digital customer service. We started off with our summary of the excellent Dashbot panel on building enterprise customer service chatbots. Next, we looked at chatbot trends and facts to know…

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Customer Service Chatbot Success Stories to Learn From

Chatbots for customer service are still new and unfamiliar to many, and it can be difficult to identify use cases that customer service chatbots could be useful for. So we’ve put together a profile of four very different…

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Infographic: Customer service chatbots in 2018 – trends and facts to know

It can’t be denied that consumer preferences for customer service channels are shifting more rapidly than ever, with the rate of consumers who identify digital channels as their preferred mode of  communication ever on the rise. Unfortunately, the…

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The History and Future of Chatbots

Chatbot history, showing Alan Turing

Above. Watch Chatbots: Past, Present, and Future Robots and the human imagination Robots have formed part of the human imagination since time immemorial. While the first artificial humans were powered by supernatural means (think of Hephaestus’s mechanical servants…

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Customer Experience is the New Marketing; Innovative CX is the New Differentiator

Proactive customer service via pop - inviting to text, live chat, or message

Video: Customer Experience is the New Marketing The world of business has changed – irreversibly so. Traditional differentiators need not apply In the past, companies could differentiate themselves from competitors by price or quality. However, in an increasingly…

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The Tale of Two Chatbots

Visual IVR chatbot vs Conversation Bot

Above: an example of the Conversational Chatbot model used for banking The world of customer engagement, we see two types of chatbots: the Visual IVR chatbot and the Conversational chatbot. The Visual IVR Chatbot We are already familiar…

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