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The Death of Desktop Overwhelm: How Good UX can Boost Satisfaction – and Profits

A customer service rep is frustrated by multiple apps in the contact center

Employee satisfaction is inextricably linked to customer satisfaction – particularly when it comes to frontline personnel. Customer service reps and sales agents are the face of a company and exercise a great deal of influence when it comes…

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Digital Customer Care Boosts Satisfaction in the Wireless Space

Cells talking about customer satisfaction with their cell provider

Digital has surpassed voice. According to a study by J.D. Power, online service tools have won over traditional phone-based care as more wireless customers are resolving inquiries online, either through self-service tools or via live chat. Increased satisfaction…

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PeopleShock: The Path to Profits when Customers Rule (Review)

PeopleShock, a customer experience book by Tema Frank

PeopleShock: The Path to Profits when Customers Rule By Tema Frank Essential Views Publishing, 316 pages, $17.95 (USD) In the age of automation, where fewer and fewer processes involve human intervention, people have become more important than ever….

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You’re Only as Good as your Last Show: How Digital Channels Help Customer Retention

customer retention

As the old show biz adage tells us, “you’re only as good as your last show.” The same holds true for many industries; for example, telecom. Imagine that your contract with your provider is nearing its end. Your…

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Digital Engagement is the New Marketing

Digital engagement

In 2009, Keith Ferrazzi announced the birth of the Relationship Age: an era characterized by technology-enhanced interconnectivity where “trust, conversation, and collaboration are top of mind and top of agenda.” Ferrazzi spoke from a point in time where Twitter…

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Consumers to Retail: Ads Are Losing – Personalized Digital Engagement is Winning!

A new report from international consultancy firm Deloitte finds that, for every buck spent in retail stores, more than 50 cents is influenced by some kind of digital interaction, such as email advertising or blogging. That’s a huge…

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What is “Digital Customer Service”, and What Will it Will Mean in the Future?

The simplest definition of digital customer service involves meeting the needs of customers through digital channels — from websites and email messages to text messaging, online chat and social media. Today, most serious companies and organizations have established…

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Dreamforce 2016: Einstein Gives Consumer Data a Human Touch

Salesforce Einstein

San Francisco – Last week SalesForce CEO Marc Benioff addressed the attendees of Dreamforce 2016, lauding the benefits of the company’s new AI engine, Einstein, which leverages consumer data to deliver a fuller view of the customer and…

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Forrester Analyst: “Customer Experience Drives Revenue” Autotask Community Live ’16

customer loyalty

At a recent conference, Forrester told business leaders how one simple strategy can cut costs, generate revenue and strengthen brand reputation. No, it’s not a deeply held secret. It’s just a good customer service experience.   “Customer experience…

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4 Ways Customer Experience Is Your Competitive Advantage

Customer experience = customer satisfaction

Some of the world’s most successful businesses have risen above their competition by following one simple rule: “The customer is always right.” Now, organizations are reaching for the next level by prioritizing the “customer experience,” which means more…

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