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Using digital customer service to boost revenue through customer retention

It is a truism that it costs businesses far more to acquire new customers than to retain existing customers. And yet, according to a report published in Harvard Business Review, most companies still use the customer acquisition rate…

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Infographic: the number of channels is on the rise. What’s your plan?

Increasingly, consumers want to communicate by messaging It’s no surprise that today’s consumers are increasingly digital, and that more consumers than ever expect to be able to handle customer service interactions over digital channels. Consumer expectations are clear:…

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The Benefits of Apple Business Chat Beta

In March, Apple Business Chat launched in beta in the U.S. with iOS 11.3. Business Chat enables users to communicate directly with businesses through the Messages app on iPhone and iPad. InTheChat is a customer service provider that…

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The benefits of rich communication and emojis for digital customer service

The successor of the humble emoticon, emojis have taken digital messaging by storm and have become the new messaging feature that people love to hate. There are some that claim that emojis are destroying our ability to communicate…

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The benefits of asynchronous messaging for your contact center

In considering how to move forward with formulating strategy for digital customer service, it’s important for companies to understand what is driving the rising demand for customer service over digital channels. Consumers aren’t just switching to digital channels…

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How Do Chatbots Work?

How do chatbots work? Shows InTheChat's Twitter bot for customer service

Suddenly, everyone is talking about bots. As homescreens become more and more overwhelmed with multiple apps, bots are seizing an emerging opportunity: providing the same services offered by apps within a single messaging platform. Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WeChat,…

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Do you have your chatbot? Thoughts from the Facebook F8 Conference

InTheChat attends Facebook F8 Conference

San Jose, Tuesday, April 18 – Every April Facebook hosts its annual F8 Conference, offering two days’ worth of activities aimed at keeping participants up-to-date with the platform’s latest developments. The conference provides an excellent venue for showcasing…

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Digital Engagement is the New Marketing

Digital engagement

In 2009, Keith Ferrazzi announced the birth of the Relationship Age: an era characterized by technology-enhanced interconnectivity where “trust, conversation, and collaboration are top of mind and top of agenda.” Ferrazzi spoke from a point in time where Twitter…

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3 Ways Businesses Drive Revenue With 2-Way Text Messaging Customer Service

revenue growth via sms texting

SMS Text messaging technology is enjoying a resurgence as a way for customers to contact business’ sales and service. It’s widely viewed by customers and agents alike as a pleasant alternative to voice. Over 80{37abcf34a54b93343e5398ae04805616021ee806af480764212b11c4286aaf7a} of people use…

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3 Ways Digital Customer Service Channels Delight Customers

Texting train

Delight is more than just satisfaction. Delight is a type of happiness provoked by the unexpected; by something that stands outside the norm of everyday experiences. As the digital revolution has gathered momentum, it has become widely understood…

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