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Important etiquette tips for customer service on social, live chat and email

Social customer service isn’t just a nice-to-have anymore, it’s a must-have. As smartphones continue to change the way we live our lives, consumer expectations for social media customer service continue to evolve. Even just a couple of years…

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5 reasons social customer service belongs in the contact center

As how we use social media continues to evolve, so does the role that social media fills in consumer interactions with brands. When companies first started engaging in social media, the approach was much more passive. Even just…

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Infographic: Social customer service expectations in 2019

The era of social customer service is here, and consumers no longer have patience with companies that can’t keep up. Already in 2019, we’ve seen the death of major brands that couldn’t keep pace with the continuing digital…

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Why are companies still ignoring complaints on social media?

Recently, I had a frustrating customer service experience that is still, sadly, all-too-common. Last year, I bought a couple of pairs of pants from a brand that I had known to be very reliable and durable when I…

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Integrating social media into your contact center

A few years ago, conversations about the utility of social media for business would focus on social media as a listening tool. Experts would position social media as a way to passively gather data from the market to learn…

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An Epic Customer Service #Fail – And its Solution

Customer waits on-hold for 8 hours

When a Toronto man phoned an online electronics retailer for help with his order, he had no idea that the call would become a hyperbolic jump into the customer service looking glass. Due to an extraordinary glitch in…

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Digital Engagement is the New Marketing

Digital engagement

In 2009, Keith Ferrazzi announced the birth of the Relationship Age: an era characterized by technology-enhanced interconnectivity where “trust, conversation, and collaboration are top of mind and top of agenda.” Ferrazzi spoke from a point in time where Twitter…

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Engage Your Customers, Keep Your Customers

Ensuring every customer has a positive experience with your business has never been so important. Satisfy your customers and roughly 7 in 10 will recommend your company or product to someone else. Mess it up, and almost all…

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Digital Services Key to Luring Retail Consumers

retail services icons

A new study of British and American consumers reveals the high cost of failing to adapt to their needs through digital services. The study, which was carried out by American commerce solutions firm Kibo, involved 3,000 people from…

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4 Ways Customer Experience Is Your Competitive Advantage

Customer experience = customer satisfaction

Some of the world’s most successful businesses have risen above their competition by following one simple rule: “The customer is always right.” Now, organizations are reaching for the next level by prioritizing the “customer experience,” which means more…

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