There are 900 million people on WeChat, 700 million on LINE, 300 million on Kik ... 
Can they contact you?

Launch Messaging Channels to innovate your customer experience

Logos for WeChat, Line, Kik, and Facebook Messenger

WeChat. People in China do everything on WeChat (chat, shop, access services). This app is gaining momentum in North America – don’t be left behind!

LINE. Huge in Asia & the Middle East, LINE is now making inroads into North America. Bonus: accounts are linked to a phone number – facilitating identity verification.

KiK. Loved by US teenagers, Kik will soon become the next big messaging channel for business as this generation gains purchasing power. Get ready!

Innovate Sales & Service with AI

Chatbots optimize your workforce. Chatbots can carry out routine tasks, such as greeting customers or answering FAQs, saving your team time – and money.

Looking for an engaging marketing strategy? Launch an interactive virtual assistant. Tommy Hilfiger customers spent 350% more time with the brand’s virtual assistant (Gigi Hadid) than they would have spent on the company’s website. And remember: increased engagement generates increased revenue (read more).

Chat bot using WeChat, Line, Kik

How do chatbots work with messaging apps?

customer journey via messaging and chatbot

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