Consumers Demand Efficient, Personalized Service Experience: Survey

customer-experience-digitalA new survey reveals just how demanding consumers are when it comes to customer service. Specifically, the survey, which was carried out by New York-based analytics firm Verint Systems, showed that a majority of respondents aged 18-34 said they wanted more personalization from their customer service experience.

The survey involved more than 18,000 American consumers and was conducted by Verint in partnership with consultancy firm Ovum. Verint and Ovum asked participants what they wanted from a customer service experience. The survey showed that almost six in ten consumers aged 18 to 34 were very comfortable with personalization — meaning they liked the idea that the company they were contacting would have relevant information about them immediately available.

In other words, many younger and middle-aged American consumers are less concerned about privacy and are willing to share information about themselves in order to improve the customer service experience.

Verint and Ovum also found that many consumers are willing to forgive companies that make mistakes trying to implement new technologies designed to improve the customer service experience.

Overall, the survey reveals that consumers simply want their questions answered quickly and efficiently. In fact, four in five respondents said that having their questions answered, rather than complaining, was their top priority when calling customer service centres.
Dave Capuano, Verint’s global vice president of integrated marketing, says the survey shows consumer preferences are evolving.

“In today’s economy it isn’t just small businesses that have limited resources,” said Capuano. “Companies of all sizes are working to be as effective and efficient as they can when engaging customers. Organizations need to think from the customer’s perspective when looking to tackle engagement.”

Engagement represents a critical and common theme in survey responses, Capuano added. “In the end, engagement is rooted in action,” he said. “Engagement is included in both sides of the interaction between the customer and company. It’s a driving force behind customer satisfaction and encompasses everything that affects or touches the customer in some way.”

So, how do you engage a customer? Capuano points to digital channels including mobile applications. From text messaging, online chat systems to virtual agent platforms are all major areas of growth for companies interested in improving their customer service experiences.

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