Study Shows Customers Demand Mobile App Service

AppsA new survey reveals that an overwhelming majority of consumers want access to a customer service experience that is entirely app-based – meaning no need to call or email for help.

The survey, which involved just over 1,000 people, was carried out by Contact Solutions, a Virginia-based business intelligence and data analytics organization. The survey was part of Contact Solutions’ latest white paper, which is titled “The Digital Disconnect.”

The paper presents a number of startling discoveries. For one, only about half of all survey respondents (56-percent) said they expected to get the best customer care experience through a phone call. Even fewer (30-percent) said they prefer to start their customer care experience by making a phone call.

A significant majority (75-percent) of the survey’s respondents said they would most like to use a mobile customer application on their smartphone to contact a company for help. But here’s the problem: the vast majority (95-percent, it’s estimated) of mobile customer care apps offer very limited customer care options — meaning that in almost every situation a customer is forced to exit the app and contact a company by phone, email.

The survey also revealed that more and more consumers turn to email before they reach for the phone. In fact, more than half (53-percent) said they often start their customer service experience with email. That said, more than half of these people had low expectations for email, with the majority saying they expected it to result in the worst experience of any channel.

Mike Costello, Contact Solutions’ General Manager of Digital Experience, says the survey shows consumers are getting frustrated with the status quo. “This new research paints a picture of the growing disconnect between the way digital consumers want to engage and how enterprises are investing to improve engagement,” said Costello.

“The findings in this whitepaper demonstrate the importance of a positive engagement experience and how it correlates with customer loyalty. The best way for retailers to bridge the gap is to invest in digital channels to create engagement experiences that are more convenient and better aligned with consumer preferences.”

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