3 Ways Digital Customer Service Channels Delight Customers

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Delight is more than just satisfaction. Delight is a type of happiness provoked by the unexpected; by something that stands outside the norm of everyday experiences.

As the digital revolution has gathered momentum, it has become widely understood that the “digital customer experience” is the key to engage with, delight and monetize customers in the modern world. -Ben Pring, Putting the Experience in Digital Customer Experience

Holding the potential to create “wow” moments achieved through technological advancement, digital customer experience plays a fundamental role in producing delight. In particular, the efficiency, convenience, and personalization realized through digital customer service channels are the three key pillars of superior customer experience.

3 Ways Digital Channels Delight Customers


In a world where customer service often involves long wait times, quick results are unexpected. Though we find ourselves in the middle of a digital tempest, customer care centers have lagged behind in terms of implementing technological solutions to boost efficiency. The customer care that we come to expect from companies involves a confusing IVR process, long hold times, and transfers to other departments. Therefore, any company that offers efficient service is providing the unexpected—resulting in delight.

77% of US online adults “say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good online customer service.” -Kate Legett, Consumer Expectations For Customer Service Don’t Match What Companies Deliver

For companies, text-based customer service is more than twice as efficient as phone-based service. On the customer side, text-based digital channels are even more efficient. With no IVR and no wait times, customers can complete a service inquiry in a fraction of the time they would have spent on the phone, causing them to experience a “wow” moment.



For customers who are used to being tethered to their phones during a customer support call, experiencing the liberation of on-the-go service can produce delight as well. Text-based channels such as SMS, Messenger, or social media are asynchronous forms of communication. This means that the customer isn’t expected to reply at regular intervals, as they would during an online chat session. Asynchronous communications offer a great deal of convenience for time-starved customers because they can stop and resume their conversation with a customer service rep whenever and wherever they wish. Delight is produced by this sense of empowerment and liberation (yes, I can resolve my service issue—when, where, and how I want!)


The ability to see specific customer data enables customer service representatives to “optimize sales revenue opportunities and engage in more meaningful and personalized conversations,” explains Ken Bisconti in Delight Your Customers with Exceptional Service. Seeing information on previous customer engagements helps agents to personalize their interactions and give truly exceptional service.

But how can customers receive personal and meaningful service via digital channels? To start, integration with a company’s CRM holds fundamental importance for accessing the data necessary to gain a full picture of the customer’s profile. Agents can then use this data to personalize their interactions. Imagine sending a text to a company and the agent greets you, addressing you by name. Small touches such as this are surprising for customers, who expect digital channels to be impersonal. Now, imagine if the agent could anticipate your problem before you explained it or if the agent could suggest a new product that would be a good fit based on your profile. Accessing customer data through a CRM allows agents to provide a customized level of service which surprises (and delights) customers.

The future is Wow:

Customer experience is the new marketing. -Steve Cannon, CEO of Mercedes Benz USA

Companies are now investing in their customer service strategies with the goal of attracting and retaining customers and differentiating their brands. Extraordinary customer service experiences generate buzz, increase net promoter scores (NPS), and ultimately bring more revenue. The efficient, convenient, and personalized level of service offered through digital channels is capable of generating those “wow” moments which contribute to brand differentiation—and customer delight.

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