Digital Messaging For Business in 2019: A Whitepaper

With the explosion of digital messaging, the customer service landscape is changing rapidly. Our white paper, newly updated with the latest research, provides perspective on a crowded marketplace, and highlights the concepts that businesses need to focus on in implementing their digital strategy.

A fundamental shift has occurred in the way that business is approaching strategy for digital desktop in the contact center. Companies are no longer having conversations about if they need to move forward with a digital strategy, nor are they talking about single-platform digital solutions. 2019 is the year that businesses are going to make decisions about their digital desktop solutions for customer service.

A small preview:

Other topics covered:

  • The benefits to businesses of consolidating digital channels
  • Reducing cost and improving efficiency with digital customer service
  • Improving agent experience by consolidating channels into a single platform
  • Increasing loyalty through improved customer experience
  • Automation: Chatbots, AI, and NLP
  • Securing digital interactions to empower agents to fully assist customers

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