Channel Switching

Solve Live Chat Abandonment
InTheChat's Digital Desktop Makes Channel Switching Smooth and Efficient

live chat to text, channel switching
It makes sense that 13% of live chat sessions are abandoned: life is full of interruptions. However, live chat abandonment translates into lower efficiencies and higher costs for you company.

Seamlessly transition from live chat to texting. Routing your customer’s conversation from chat to a mobile number ensures that their conversation is never cut short by unexpected interruptions, because the conversation can continue indefinitely over text – enabling customer engagement on-the-go.

Enable channel switching while maintaining your customer’s complete journey

CRM integration empowers your customers to choose their own journeys and enables you to seamlessly track them.

CRM showing customer journey with channel switching

Freedom to choose. Customers can start an engagement on one channel (phone, live chat, email) and switch to another channel (text, social media, messaging apps) while maintaining the flow of their journey. 

Data integrity. InTheChat enables you to locate the details of your customer’s conversations inside your company’s CRM, linking all interactions across all channels within one customer profile.

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