CRM Integration

Achieve True Omnichannel Service With CRM Integration

Automatic or manual authentication via CRM integration

ITC's Digital Desktop connects to CRMs, such as Salesforce, enabling you to store complete customer journeys in one location.

Customer details gathered by your call center are housed alongside information gathered by your digital team, creating a single view of your customers and their histories.

Boost Efficiency

With CRM integration, agents can quickly access customer details from the convenience of the ITC portal. Armed with information from previous phone/digital interactions, agents can provide immediate assistance without customers having to reiterate their inquiries – saving time for your team and your customers.

CRM integration banishes information silos

Banish Information Silos

Companies suffer from disjointed legacy systems and information silos, impeding a 360° vision of customers and their experiences. CRM integration banishes silos for good – empowering access to full data sets and facilitating information sharing.

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