Reports and Metrics

Access contact center-grade reporting metrics 
to get immediate insights into the performance of your teams and channels

Enterprise Data Reports

Engagement activity reports

enterprise data reports

A comprehensive report featuring data from all activities, including agent activity, customer activity, and case management activity.

A summary of all individual engagements between agents and customers, including full conversations, response times, and customer tracking.

Incoming & outgoing activity

Team Performance Reports

incoming and outgoing activity report

A summary including all incoming activity (by channel and arrival time) and all outgoing responses sent by agents.

Features performance metrics for individual agents and for your entire team. Includes classic contact center metrics (response time, average handle time, & more…)

team performance reports

Non-actionable reports

Custom data & reports

incoming and outgoing activity report

A report detailing discarded messages deemed “non-actionable” by agents. Messages include topic tags for facilitating deeper analysis…

Custom data reports are available, in consultation with InTheChat. Contact us for more information.

team performance reports

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