Secure Authentication

Empower Your Team to Fully Assist Customers

Secure authentication is essential for verifying your customers’ identities and for enabling your agents to fulfill customer requests while protecting the security of their personally-identifiable information (PPI) – all without having to switch to phone.

Identity Verification via secure login, biometrics, etc.

Verification options

Choose between simple identity verification options and more sophisticated solutions.

Automatic or manual authentication via CRM integration

Automatic or manual

You can choose automatic authentication via CRM integration or enable agents to authenticate manually.

Secure Hosting for authentication dialog

secure hosting

Host the authentication dialog from behind your company’s firewall or let InTheChat host it for you.

Boost productivity while enhancing CX

secure authentication brings efficiency and satisfaction

When digital engagements require an exchange of sensitive information, the conversation must be transferred to a secure channel, which interrupts the agent’s workflow and increases customer frustration. Secure authentication solves this problem, allowing for a fluid user experience for both parties.

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