Forrester Praises Text Messaging for Customer Service

text-message-service-greenForrester has produced a report outlining the many advantages of SMS text messaging as a customer service channel.

Weave Support For Text Chat Into Your Omnichannel Customer Service Strategy”. Says Forrester analyst Art Schoeller.

The report is a must-read for customer service executives seeking to reduce cost while increasing customer satisfaction.

Referring to the native capability of today’s smartphones to send and receive text messages, Forrester calls text the “non-app” application for customer service. This is a significant advantage built into text messaging as a customer service channel because there is no app for customers to download and install. Businesses can simply provide a number for customers to text and they get an instant bump in customer satisfaction while reducing operating costs.

It was inevitable that what Forrester calls “text chat”, or what we have been calling 2-way text messaging, would achieve wide recognition as an important customer service option. Texting has become the ubiquitous communication channel, pushing aside phone calls as the most popular method of communication.

For businesses seeking to win, serve and retain customers, Forrester says text messaging is the ideal channel in an increasingly mobile world.

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