Guests at Call Center Week 2015 Enjoy New SMS Text Concierge Service

SMS Concierge

SMS_ConciergeEach year Call Center Week Conference and Expo becomes the focal point of the world’s top customer care technology solution providers. This week over 2,000 professionals descended on The Mirage in Las Vegas to discuss and plan the future of the customer care industry. With dozens of sponsors featuring hundreds of exhibitors, press attendees and innovative speakers — getting the most out of your time at the event presents a logistical challenge.

This year, Call Center Week solved key help-desk challenges by using one of the customer service innovations on display at its event. Harnessing the SMS text technology of In the Chat, Call Center Week was able to put an info-booth into every attendee’s pocket.

This year, when attendees needed quick answers to questions about presentation times, speaker engagements, locations of exhibits, booth numbers or anything else to help maximize their time at the conference, they could receive the support they needed by conveniently sending their question to Call Center Week’s organizers via text messaging on their wireless device.

Using the SMS text functionality of In the Chat’s omni-channel sales and service platform, Call Center Week conveniently answered many of those questions directly through the attendees cell phone. If you’ve ever had to hunt around for a conference info-booth only to stand in line, you can appreciate the breath of fresh air to be able to ask your question while standing in line for a product demo or precious morning coffee.

Attendees with a question only had to text the help number on display throughout the event. In a matter of minutes or even seconds the question was fulfilled. Using In the Chat, Call Center Week’s organizers had the option to send a quick text answer, provide a link to more information or even offer instructions on how to download the Call Center Week app.

By the end of the event, In the Chat’s platform had received rave reviews from attendees and organizers alike and the highly intuitive platform — developed in the heart of Canada’s technology hub, Waterloo, Ontario — effortlessly handled the conferences peak workload.

Execution went so well the event planning committee, is already looking to deploy In the Chat at other events around the world. So, whatever your trade, In the Chat may be there to serve you at your next business conference.

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