Digital Desktop Solutions for Omnichannel Customer Service

  • All Channels, One Dashboard
  • Self-Service Automation
  • Skills-Based/Best Service Routing
  • Integrates to WFM, CRM, & Customer Records
  • Multi-Channel Performance Reporting
  • Automated Assistants (Chatbots)
  • Bot Integration Partnerships
  • Powers All Channels With One "Brain"
  • Seamless Handoff from Chatbot to Human
  • Leading Integrator of New/Emerging Channels
  • Customer Experience Innovation
  • Scalable Digital Customer Service
  • Measurable Cost Savings
  • Digital Innovation Leadership
  • Proven Experience with F500 Companies

TD Ameritrade, known for their innovative customer support via digital channels, is on the leading edge with a single chatbot brain powering multiple channels - recently extending their bot (previously available on Messenger) to Twitter. TD Ameritrade has provided customer service via Twitter for years, and now with the launch of their new bot, it marks the first time that customers can self-serve on the channel (via DM) for virtually anything - from learning about the market to trading stocks to seamlessly transitioning to a human agent whenever they choose or require.


A single online solution: connect with customers via SMS texting, social media, live chat, messengers, email, and chatbots

Built for the enterprise, built for the future, with secure authentication, skills-based routing, CRM integration, contact center reporting, and leading-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)


There’s a reason why Interactive Voice Response (IVR) has become industry standard for phone-based customer service; it enables self-service for simple and routine customer issues, thereby diverting call volume from call center staff. This same self-service strategy needs to be applied in the digital space to meet the rapidly changing communication needs of you customers.

Average Handle Time AHT voice vs messaging chart, showing efficiency


Digital channels are highly efficient.  Engaging with customers via messaging (text messaging and messengers) is up to 3x more efficient than voice – maximizing your personnel’s time.  However, to realize these efficiency benefits, companies need to use a consolidated digital desktop solution


Customers don’t want to have to stop and pick up their phone to call you. They want to engage with you while they’re on the move, doing what it is that they need to do in their life. 

Demand for customer service via digital channels (text messaging, messengers, live chat) is projected to increase by more than 90% in the next two years. Is your contact center ready?

Introduction to In The Chat

Watch an introduction to In The Chat that shows the power of our digital desktop to enable a frictionless customer experience.

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