How Do Chatbots Work?

How do chatbots work? Shows InTheChat's Twitter bot for customer service

How do chatbots work? Shows InTheChat's Twitter bot for customer serviceSuddenly, everyone is talking about bots. As homescreens become more and more overwhelmed with multiple apps, bots are seizing an emerging opportunity: providing the same services offered by apps within a single messaging platform. Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WeChat, Kik, SMS … Developers are using these messengers to create bots capable of assisting you with everyday activities: placing orders, sending money, accessing customer service – there’s even an SMS bot that can act as your boyfriend/girlfriend!

Automation vs. personal touch
Automated services enable brands to realize substantial cost savings through higher efficiencies. However, in an increasingly automated world, providing a personal touch will serve as a key differentiator that will drive brands to achieve greater profits (See Tema Frank’s PeopleShock). Ideally, the adoption of bots will be counterbalanced with an equally important focus on human-to-human interactions.

Achieving the right balance
So how do we achieve the right balance between automation and human connection? The key is to always provide customers access to a real-life agent. Chatbots are fantastic at answering frequently asked questions; and can save your team a great deal of time by automating replies to routine inquiries. However, bots do come with their own limitations; which is why there will always be a human component to customer engagement. At any point during a chatbot conversation, the customer should be able to connect with a human being who can respond to complicated or emotionally-packed issues.

Combining automation with human engagement
The following video demonstrates how bots can efficiently handle routine customer inquiries while enabling customers to connect with a real-life agent; empowering companies with the efficiencies of automation, while offering customers a human touch:

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