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digital customer serviceFor just over four years, In the Chat has been helping companies connect with consumers in digital channels and establish relationships that really matter. Our CEO, John Huehn offered his advice on why brands need to be present in social media and what consumers are really looking for.

“There are many studies out there that share statistics about what consumers are looking for from businesses in social media” said Huehn, “we consumers want a timely response to our inquiries from informed company representatives who can deliver honesty, transparency, answers and resolution to our questions or concerns in our channel of choice. For example, if I am tweeting about a technical issue, it’s logical that I would want quick access to a support agent who can explain what is happening and help me fix my issue in a timely manner, ideally over Twitter.”

After establishing what type of engagement the consumer is looking for and why they’re turning to these new channels, Huehn offered guidance on the best approach to generating meaningful engagements with these customers.

“As companies increasingly use social media as an avenue to build their brand and promote their products and services, they need to be prepared for consumers to expect the same level of open engagement and real-time response. The difficult part for most organizations is transitioning from simply monitoring social networks to engaging. Companies are now given immediate access to real people who are having live conversations about their brand and their competitors. They need to have a plan to engage these consumers, influence their experiences and offer reassurance that they’re there to help when needed. Companies need to shift from the mindset that social media is mainly a marketing and PR channel and begin to acknowledge the benefits from a sales and customer experience perspective. This shift will have a direct impact on how companies can use social to realize a significant and measurable ROI.” (BizReport)

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