Integration means never having to say goodbye (to existing voice solutions)

As digital communication technology continues to grow and evolve, it can be overwhelming for companies looking to keep up with shifting consumer expectations for digital customer service. For companies who have invested heavily in voice solutions for customer contact centers, it can seem overwhelming trying to determine the best path forward in an increasingly crowded digital communications landscape.

However, it’s important to remember that going digital doesn’t have to mean abandoning the voice solutions that you already have in place. While it’s true that customer preferences for communication channels are shifting, digital messaging isn’t going to eliminate voice any time soon. Even with the rise of self-service automation like digital IVR and chatbots, customers are still going to want to talk to a human agent for customer service issues that are complex or thorny.

Integration to the rescue

ITC’s ability to integrate with your existing platforms will enable you to deliver omnichannel customer service excellence without needing to replace existing voice technologies. ITC already integrates with CRMs to maintain a 360-degree view of your customers, including internal CRMs, CRM software, and cloud-based CRMs like Salesforce.

In addition – our CRM integration capability, which allows for a consistent agent view of your customers across all channels, also allows for integration with voice solutions providers like Genesys – which already powers thousands of contact centers around the world. With 25 years incumbency in providing solutions for voice-based customer contact, Genesys has the capability to consolidate legacy voice systems and integrate them with CRMs and Work Force Optimization systems.

ITC provides a platform for omnichannel digital customer service, consolidating all channels into one interface that handles communication consistently regardless of point of origin. In other words, we provide an interface that unifies digital channels the same way that Genesys unifies varying voice solutions like PBX and ACD.

With CRM integration, your voice agents and digital agents will be able to push and pull customer interaction information through the CRM so that no matter how a customer chooses to begin an interaction, your agents will have all the information they need to provide a frictionless customer experience. And ITC’s ability to consolidate major digital channels means that your customers can choose how, where, and when they will connect with your company.

Looking to make your customer contact center truly omnichannel? Contact us to learn more about how In The Chat can integrate with your existing Genesys voice systems.

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