ITC Wins the Eggie; Newegg Customers Win with Digital

Eggie Award from Newegg

An egg today is better than a hen tomorrow. -Benjamin Franklin

InTheChat Awarded Most Innovative Customer Service Initiative at the Eggies

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is home to the Eggies, an annual awards gala where Newegg recognizes outstanding contributions from the company’s valued partners, vendors and customers. Now in its 13th year, the 2017 Eggie Awards gala was celebrated at Caesars Palace and featured host Thomas Middleditch, star of the TV series Silicon Valley. InTheChat was delighted to receive an Eggie for The Most Innovative Customer Service Initiative—the first Eggie award to have been granted within Newegg’s customer service category.

Most Innovative Customer Service Initiative
Why the Eggie? In the spring of 2016, InTheChat enabled Newegg to integrate with Facebook Messenger, becoming one of the first retailers to offer customer service over this channel. Praising Newegg’s bold attitude toward harnessing new technologies, InTheChat CEO John Huehn commented, “Leadership in Customer Experience takes courage and InTheChat is humbled that Newegg chose us to help them provide cutting-edge customer engagement.”

Leadership in Customer Experience takes courage and InTheChat is humbled that Newegg chose us to help them provide cutting-edge customer engagement. -John Huehn, InTheChat CEO

The e-retailer’s courage has paid off: Newegg’s customer engagements over Messenger continue to grow substantially, nearly doubling in volume within a two-month period.

Benefits for Newegg
What does this mean for Newegg? Highly-efficient communications. In fact, Newegg’s agents devoted on average just over two minutes to handling each conversation over Messenger—a fraction of the time spent by agents over the phone (Figure 1). This means that Newegg can assist more customers at a faster rate.

Figure 1. Average Handle Time (the time devoted to a conversation by an agent) on the phone and on Messenger. Note that the phone AHT range is based on industry standards and the Messenger AHT is based on Newegg’s performance metrics.

Benefits for Newegg’s Customers
More importantly, what does this mean for Newegg’s customers? It means more and more are benefitting from the convenience offered by digital channels, such as Facebook Messenger. The response has been positive, and customers have expressed their delight with the new channel by telling agents things like “please send my compliments to your manager for using Messenger…You’ve made my life easier.” Compared to the traditional experience where receiving customer support involves being tethered to a phone, digital communications release customers, allowing them to continue with their lives while receiving service on the go.

Figure 2. A customer expresses his gratitude for Newegg’s quick service over Twitter.

Seizing the Egg
For consumers, customer experience has become a key factor in determining their brand of choice. Recognizing this shift in consumer behaviour, Newegg has been quick to maintain their leading-edge status in customer experience by opening communications over social media, 2-way text messaging, chat, and Messenger. An egg today is better than a hen tomorrow; and Newegg takes this maxim to heart, opting to seize new opportunities for their customers as an industry leader. After all, tomorrow may be too late…

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