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digital-customer-service-experienceMany of the world’s top companies are making major strides in their efforts to offer the best digital customer service experience. But a new report shows that many companies are struggling to make this important change.

The report is based on a study by Actual Experience, an analytics firm specializing in digital experience quality. Actual Experience found that the process of shifting from more traditional customer experience models – like contacting customers over the phone or in person – to digital channels – through email, social media, or text messaging – has many top executives scratching their heads. In fact, Actual Experience says it found that four out of five top-level executives acknowledge the value of digital experience quality but only half of them know how to identify how to recognize (and act upon) the matters that can affect the overall quality of the digital customer experience.

In other words, many of the world’s business leaders still have a lot to learn about digital customer experience platforms and how they can help an organization improve their relationship with existing and prospective customers.
So, what barriers are preventing small, medium and large organizations from improving the digital experience for their customers? The leaders involved in the Actual Experience study insisted that identifying quality issues in need of improving (49-percent), costs (43-percent) and developing a coherent improvement strategy (34-percent) represent the biggest obstacles.

This is a problem as businesses make the conversion from traditional customer service channels to digital. Business leaders need to identify coherent, actionable digital strategies – or risk being left behind. Dave Page, chief executive officer at Actual Experience, says that has to change and suggests that the businesses that make the necessary adjustments – like funneling more resources into customer data analytics – will have a distinct advantage over their competitors.

“With the proliferation of digital products and services, digital experience quality is more critical than ever to overall business success,” Page said. “By understanding the experience of the end user, be it a customer or an employee, businesses are able to focus their resources on achieving consistent quality and improving business performance.”
When migrating your customer service team to digital, it’s common practice to take incremental steps toward your goal of replacing call volume with lower cost digital channels. This offers the benefit of not disrupting your existing customer handling processes. To do this you’ll need a flexible digital customer service platform that can offer one or more digital customer service channels and grow as your team’s proficiency with digital grows.

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