New York Lawyers Get Boost From Text Messaging ROI

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Get LegalThe secret isn’t so secret anymore. Text messaging is quickly growing into a force for any business looking to harness instant, reliable communications. Just ask Raad Ahmed, founder of New York City start-up LawTrades.

LawTrades is an online resource for anyone seeking legal services. But LawTrades has moved in an innovative direction with the launch of larry, the company’s newest product that takes the legal-seeking service offered by LegalTrades to mobile devices.

What’s really interesting about the product is that it’s not just another mobile app. larry will not demand a shortcut on your phone’s desktop. Instead, larry will live in your contact list as an SMS number you can text anytime, from anywhere to get the legal advice you’re after. larry is an AI-driven legal assistant that can provide legal advice and find lawyers in your area equipped to help with your situation.

In a recent AllyWatch interview, Ahmed said that in the month of July ’15 larry sent and received about 10,000 text messages but for the month of August ’15 he expects that number to double.

In the same interview Ahmed dropped this little nugget that In the Chat has been not only saying but also delivering to contact centers across North America:

“We’re leveraging one of the most under-utilized but highest ROI channels out there: SMS.”

Yes, text messaging for business is fast becoming synonymous with ROI for its low cost and fanatical loyalty as a communication channel among its users — which is virtually everyone with a cell phone.

The mobile text medium is well on its way to overturn conventional phone calls as the first-choice communication channel. But text already has that distinction among the millennial generation that uses text far and away more frequently than voice phone calls.

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