Why You Need
Digital Customer Service

Digital Customer Service is No Longer an Option

When asked what is the most important of a good customer experience, consumers answered:

elements of good customer experience

1.     Friendly service

2.     Resolving an issue in a single interaction, regardless of time

3.     Not having to repeat myself

4.     Getting information without having to contact support

5.     Other

How People Want to Interact With Digital Customer Service


of consumers use 3+ channels to access customer service


of consumers expect consistency of service


of millennials agree that social media responsiveness improves their perception of a brand

Silos for Digital Channels Are Inefficient

A customer service rep is frustrated by multiple apps in the contact center

The practical reality that companies face is that it is inefficient to have different teams using different tools to serve customers on different channels. When you have different teams for different channels, you end up having staff that are only partially utilized.

Consolidating your digital customer service onto one team allows your staff to use their time efficiently, especially if they have a digital desktop platform that allows for a seamless agent experience across digital channels!

Requiring agents to use different tools for different channels will only contribute to desktop overwhelm leading to employee frustration and burnout – especially if those tools are not integrated with your CRM. Not to mention the obvious…it does not help contact centers save on cost either.


ITC delivers omnichannel customer service, integrated with your CRM. Click to learn more about how ITC can empower you deliver digital customer service excellence.


digital customer service

For Customers:

  • Reduces wait times
  • Avoids need to repeat information
  • Allows customers to contact you on their time
  • Enables customers to contact you on their preferred communication channels
ITC boosts efficiency

For Agents:

  • Consolidates all messaging channels into one platform
  • Improved customer experience means fewer frustrated customers
  • Gives agents a 360-degree view of customers by integrating CRM records from all channels

Simply click to learn more about how ITC's Digital Desktop can work for you.

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