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Queue Alerts for InTheChat

The Queue Alert feature went into effect the evening of May 15, 2016.

The ITC digital customer service platform provides a variety of queues that categorize incoming text, social and/or chat communications. Queues are divided by channel but you can also create custom queues that meet the individual needs of your business environment. Now, the option of Queue Alerts makes queues in the ITC platform even better.

The ITC platform Queue Alert is an audible alert that signals agents to an incoming text communication that meets the perquisites for one or more alert. The pre-defined settings for alerts are flexible and can be setup for a variety of purposes:

Types of Queue Alerts

  • New message enters any low-volume queue, ensuring it’s not missed
  • High priority customer queue alerts the Account Manager

The Queue Alert feature can be turned on or off for the entire team or can be configured on a queue-by-queue basis by your ITC platform administrator.

Notification for Incoming Queues

The individual controls for incoming queues are maintained within the Manage Incoming Queues Menu.

incoming queues from social media, SMS, and live chat

Notifications for Other Queues  

Similarly, the notifications for the other queues is maintained in the “Manage Other Queues” menu.

case queue sound notifications

We anticipate that the primary use case for Queue Alerts will be in low traffic queues where an extra alert is necessary when a new message arrives to prevent it from being overlooked by your busy customer service agents.

We do not, for obvious reasons, recommend setting Queue Alerts to any high-volume queue –

If you have any questions of concerns regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to contact support@inthechat.com.


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