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How Do Chatbots Work?

How do chatbots work? Shows InTheChat's Twitter bot for customer service

Suddenly, everyone is talking about bots. As homescreens become more and more overwhelmed with multiple apps, bots are seizing an emerging opportunity: providing the same services offered by apps within a single messaging platform. Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WeChat,…

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Dreamforce 2016: Einstein Gives Consumer Data a Human Touch

Salesforce Einstein

San Francisco – Last week SalesForce CEO Marc Benioff addressed the attendees of Dreamforce 2016, lauding the benefits of the company’s new AI engine, Einstein, which leverages consumer data to deliver a fuller view of the customer and…

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Messaging Chat-Bots: Customer Convenience or Pain in the Bot?

Bots for messenger

Witnessing the rapid growth of digital customer service over the past two years, today’s customers have come to expect a variety of messaging options when contacting companies for support. Until recently, Facebook Messenger had been one of several…

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