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Digital communication removes barriers to delivery of vital services to underserved communities

Just this week, the Government of Canada launched its new First Nations and Inuit Hope For Wellness hotline – a 24/7 hotline that offers counseling services to indigenous Canadians. Trained crisis counselors provide immediate, culturally relevant support in…

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The benefits of asynchronous messaging for your contact center

In considering how to move forward with formulating strategy for digital customer service, it’s important for companies to understand what is driving the rising demand for customer service over digital channels. Consumers aren’t just switching to digital channels…

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2018 Is The Year Companies Are Making Decisions About Digital Desktop

A fundamental shift has occurred in the way that business is approaching strategy for digital desktop in the contact center. Companies are no longer having conversations about if they need to move forward with a digital strategy, nor…

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4 Ways Customer Experience Is Your Competitive Advantage

Customer experience = customer satisfaction

Some of the world’s most successful businesses have risen above their competition by following one simple rule: “The customer is always right.” Now, organizations are reaching for the next level by prioritizing the “customer experience,” which means more…

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Digital Customer Experience Key to Chick-fil-A Rapid Growth

Chick-fil-a-one digital customer service

When one thinks of digital customer service through apps, text messaging, or social media – we’re not likely to think about fast food, an industry that hasn’t changed a lot since the turn of the century. That’s why…

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In Customer Experience, Are Numbers More Powerful than Words?

Correct by 5%, words or numbers

Yesterday I watched a basic accounting tutorial on Lynda.com that asserted that words were not as important as numbers because if we lost all the published novels in the world, life would go on; but if we lost all…

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Canadians Quietly, Politely Abandon Businesses They Don’t Like

It used to be that people established tight, ongoing relationships with more than just other people – in fact, these kinds of unique relationships often extended to companies and their products. Take, for example, my parents, who’ve only…

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Better Brands Have Happier Customer Service Agents

Ask any customer service agent what they’d like to change about their job and the first thing out of their mouth is likely to be ‘the customers.’ And it’s no wonder since they face screaming, threats of physical…

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Consumers Demand Efficient, Personalized Service Experience: Survey

A new survey reveals just how demanding consumers are when it comes to customer service. Specifically, the survey, which was carried out by New York-based analytics firm Verint Systems, showed that a majority of respondents aged 18-34 said…

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4 Ways Enterprises Botch Digital Customer Care

New research from McKinsey & Company reveals the difficulty customer care centers face when implementing digital “e-care” solutions, from text messaging to email and social media support. The report is based on interviews with approximately 70 digital customer…

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