TD Bank: World’s First to Offer Facebook Messenger Customer Service

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TDDecember 22, 2015: TD Bank Group announced the launch of customer service through Messenger. Making TD the first major banking institution to offer Messenger as a way of connecting with customers.

“Whether it is in a branch, over the phone, or on your mobile device, the core of what we do is about delivering legendary experiences for our customers and unparalleled convenience and service every single day,” said Theresa McLaughlin, incoming Chief Marketing Officer, TD Bank Group. “We are excited to be able to extend our ability to engage with our customers in a convenient and timely way through Messenger. More than 16 million Canadians use Facebook every day, so it is an important communication platform for us to make a more personal, human connection with our customers.”

“More than 700 million people use Messenger to stay connected to the people and now, businesses, they care about. We’re pleased that TD Bank Group is leading the way in the Financial Services sector, delivering their customers the best way to communicate quickly, conveniently and within context…all inside one of their favourite apps,” said Jordan Banks, Managing Director, Facebook Canada.

Benefits of Business on Messenger

While many businesses may already have a Facebook page as part of a social media strategy, Messenger was designed to be a separate-but-complimentary application to Facebook’s social media platform. With the ability to draw upon Facebook’s massive base of 1.6-billion active users, Messenger puts an emphasis on real-time, private communications.

With Messenger, TD is instantly discovered in Messenger’s search tool, allowing customers to easily begin a conversation with a live agent between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. EST, seven days a week.

InTheChat Communications (ITC) is the company that worked behind the scenes to enable TD’s Messenger implementation. ITC Enterprise is the company’s digital customer service platform that combines social media, SMS text and real-time chat. ITC is the leader in digital customer communications that enabled TD to become the first Canadian banking institution to bring text messaging to its customers in early 2015.

ITC Enterprise solves the problem of integrating the ever-growing number of new digital channels for enterprises with a flexible platform. ITC Enterprise integrates into large-scale customer service organization’s existing processes while seamlessly opening new channels for customer contact. The unified SAAS approach makes digital customer service agents using ITC Enterprise up to 58{37abcf34a54b93343e5398ae04805616021ee806af480764212b11c4286aaf7a} more efficient while enabling a positive experience for their customers.

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