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td-sms-customer-supportThe second-largest bank in Canada unveiled plans to allow its customers to send feedback via text messaging. It’s considered an important move in the digital development of customer service platforms.

Toronto Dominion Bank, better known as TD Bank, recently revealed that it will allow customers to send quick feedback to the company via the text message “TDHELP.” It’s the next step in a pilot project that began last year, with TD Bank searching for ways to improve its reputation and relationship with customers.

“We are excited to be able to make banking easier through the convenience of texting, a medium our customers are using in increasing numbers,” notes Wendy Arnott, TD Bank’s Head of Digital Marketing and Social Media.

“Whether it’s a general question about a banking product, a branch location or EasyWeb, or they just need a quick phone number, TD customers can now reach a live TD agent via text. And even though it’s still early days, increasing engagement is pointing to texting becoming a key service channel for TD.”

There are some rules to the system – for one, the company asks that all text messages be no longer than 136 characters – just shy of a Twitter tweet. TD Bank also acknowledges that it’s working out the system’s kinks, noting on its website that there “may be delays in sending and receiving text messages due to carrier issues.”

So far, the reviews are mostly positive. Mobilesyrup blogger Ian Hardy tried the service last week and had the following experience: “The response was decent, just over 9 minutes in duration and the agent provided me with legal info that the text will be saved, [then] answered my question.”

“Finally, there was a call to action from TD as the final text came 10 minutes later asking me, ‘To set up an appointment, I just need to get a day and time that work for you, along with your postal code.’”

In the end, the experience left Hardy feeling hopeful about the program. “Overall, it’s another customer service option TD has under its belt that complements its physical branches, call centre and online,” he said.

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