TD: First Bank in Canada to offer Customer Service via Chatbot on Twitter

shows customer interacting with td bank's chatbot on Twitter

shows customer interacting with td bank's chatbot on Twitter

TD Canada Trust, known for their innovation of customer support via digital channels, is back on the leading edge, now offering customer care via a chatbot. Built in collaboration with Twitter Canada and InTheChat, TD’s new customer service chatbot is a first step in their exploration of how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to enhance services offered by TD specialists.

Automated Service – with a Human Touch

In a world where time is increasingly precious, TD’s customer service chatbot empowers customers to receive instant responses to a select set of common inquiries. This access to automated service is complemented by a human touch, as customers also have the option to chat with a specialist at any point in their interaction. And, when an inquiry is passed to a TD specialist, the automated personal assistant shares the full conversation history, so there is no need for the customer to start over.

Legendary Customer Service Drives Innovation

What pushes TD Bank to continuously adopt cutting-edge technologies? Legendary customer service. This is core to TD’s brand. A first mover in the social media and messaging spaces and the first bank in Canada to offer extended branch hours, TD has a reputation for providing convenient access to services. Opening access to customer care via digital channels and chatbots presents yet another avenue for increased access and convenience. In the words of TD’s Vice President of Customer Experience and Innovation, Wendy Arnott:

Delivering legendary customer experiences is at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is to drive better customer experience with forward-thinking innovations like AI to provide customers with instant assistance.

-Wendy Arnott, VP-Customer Experience and Innovation, TD Bank Group

Be the Disruptor

As companies everywhere look to find new ways to disrupt cumbersome business processes and deliver frictionless customer service, TD continues to push the envelope among financial institutions. Innovative customer-centric services via chatbots and digital channels present one sure-fire path to staying at the forefront of change while achieving a much more critical goal: providing the stellar customer experiences necessary for long-term success.

Read TD’s original press release here.

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