The Benefits of Apple Business Chat Beta

In March, Apple Business Chat launched in beta in the U.S. with iOS 11.3. Business Chat enables users to communicate directly with businesses through the Messages app on iPhone and iPad. InTheChat is a customer service provider that can help businesses get started with Apple Business Chat.

There are a number of features and benefits to Apple Business Chat Beta that make it distinct from other digital messaging services for business, including:

Ready-made integration into iOS without need for additional apps

The Apple Messages app is built into iOS, which means that iPhone and iPad users aren’t required to download and install an app in order to use Apple Business Chat. This is convenient for users and lowers the barrier to entry to communicate directly with a business; users who currently use SMS to send messages but who do not use any other messaging platforms or apps will be able to use Apple Business Chat.

Ability to have end-to-end customer transactions

Apple Business Chat allows companies to facilitate seamless end-to-end customer transactions. Messages support custom apps that can perform functions like allowing passengers to pre-select seats on a flight or at performance venues, all without leaving the Messages app. Apple Business Chat will also use new features like a list-picker to allow businesses to send pre-populated lists of common options for service, such as a quantity of goods, which is even faster than typing a response. Finally customers can complete a transaction by securely authenticating to pay for a product with Apple Pay.

Focus on Customer Experience

Apple Business Chat enables businesses to deliver an excellent digital customer experience, whether transactions are being handled by human agents or chatbots. For interactions that begin with bots, a seamless transfer to a human agent is always available to the customer. This will allow companies to take advantage of automation to effectively scale digital customer service while also ensuring that customers have an excellent experience.

How can your business use Apple Business Chat Beta to connect with consumers?

Companies interested in connecting with consumers through Apple Business Chat can partner with a CSP like InTheChat (ITC). To learn more about the benefits of Apple Business Chat for your company and how ITC can help you deliver digital customer service excellence to your customers, contact us to ask for more information or book a demo.

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