Top 3 Priorities in Digital Customer Care: Call Center Week

John Huehn speaks at CCW '16

It was the 17th Annual Call Center Week and, as the country prepared for the 4th of July weekend, executives from all over North America converged on Las Vegas to share the latest tactics and strategies in customer care. One of the most important sections of CCW this year was being discussed at the Digital Customer Service Execution track. Leading these sessions to share the secrets of digital customer contact was In the Chat CEO John Huehn. John brings 12 years of experience as a customer service executive for a leading telecom before founding In the Chat Communications, developers of the top digital customer service platform.

In this session, John addresses the most common challenges faced by customer service leaders when it comes to introducing omni-channel communications to the call center. Some of the most common digital adoption afflictions include:

Digital Future Overwhelm: There must be dozens of digital solutions out there, with more arriving all the time; from WhatsApp, WeChat, kik, bots, and video chat. For a sector that until recently relied only on phone communications, many contact centers find this revolution in communications overwhelming.

ROI Underwhelm: The expectation of a significant return on the adoption of omni-channel customer service is not only reasonable – it’s required. But what happens when your new digital customer service program isn’t experiencing the skyrocketing concurrency rates and free-falling contact center costs that you had anticipated?

NPS Envy: Customer service execs hear about Net Promoter Scores elevating in other digital customer service environments, but what if your contact center NPS looks flat by comparison? The answers to these problems and more, as John points out in last week’s session, lie in approaching digital customer care with the right strategy for your market and your customers. John recommends the following 3 priorities when bringing digital channels to your customer service organization:

1/ Consolidation of Channels: The emergence of multiple digital channels (and the inevitable emergence of future channels) means that companies should look for a solution to locate all of these channels within one unified platform. Companies need a solution that puts all of these channels within one unified platform. Meanwhile, larger enterprises are seeking solutions that link voice-based customer care with their digital customer care system through CRM integration. This integration provides customers with the true omni-channel experience.

Most afflictions associated with digital customer service adoption can be avoided with the right digital integration strategy.

2/ Authentication: Companies are recognizing the fact that they can only reap the full benefits of digital interaction if they can successfully resolve customer inquiries without having to switch to voice-based communications. Authentication allows for the verification of a customer’s identity via digital channels and in many cases is required for your agents to help your customers.

3/ The Right Channel, Right Customer, Right Time: Your company needs to present the most appropriate channels to customers who want to contact your business, meanwhile you need to provide the freedom to allow customers to communicate via the channel of their choice. Some of these challenges and more were discussed in the Call Center Week dialogues. Most afflictions associated with digital customer service adoption can be avoided with the right digital integration strategy.

If you’re planning to adopt digital channels into your company for sales and customer service, or if you want to learn how you can update your existing digital customer service strategy, In the Chat can offer a free consultation. In the Chat Communications has over six years’ experience providing the most trusted digital customer service platform in the business. Contact In the Chat to harness that experience for your customer service team.

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