Text & Social Sales & Service

  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce contact center cost
  • Boost revenue

Traditional channels can’t bring the results that In the Chat’s text messaging and social media sales & service platform delivers. Built for enterprise contact centers, In the Chat enables you to provide convenient, efficient two-way sales and service via text and social. Your customers are on the go, serve them on their device.

Improved customer experience at a lower cost — everybody wins!

Text Messaging: Turn on Your New Channel

Text messaging has emerged as the most important new player in omni-channel sales and service. Cost-effective, convenient and friendly—text is the channel of choice for consumers on the go. In the Chat brings text messaging to enterprise contact centers with all the familiar processes of legacy channels and the benefits of decreased costs, improved revenue and a stellar customer experience.

Social Media for the Contact Center

When it comes to social media, contact centers have unique needs.

  • Eliminate non-actionable noise
  • Deliver the right post to the right agent
  • Manage performance
  • Integrate customer conversations across all channels

You need a platform that unifies communications across all social channels. The wrong solution will make social media an expensive component to any customer contact center.

So, how do you ensure efficient and effective customer service across social channels? In the Chat has social media programs for sales, service, retention and support that delivers on your unique contact center needs.

But don’t just take our word for it, sign up for a quick demo—ten minutes will change your business.

Skills-Based Routing
& Digital IVR

Like a traditional IVR routes calls, In the Chat routes text messages and social media posts. There’s no need for customers to push buttons or answer questions. ITC’s platform reads and categorizes incoming content, then delivers it to the right queue to engage your customer and resolve their inquiry. 

Say “YES” to truly digital IVR functions.

Integrated CRM

As a stand-alone deployment or fully integrated part of your omni-channel customer contact environment, In the Chat’s CRM capabilities enable your teams to better know your customers on social media and text messaging or any channel across your contact center.

In the Chat’s digital CRM delivers detailed customer profiles, contact history, case tracking and account notation. Take those capabilities across the enterprise with our integrations to Salesforce.com and others or ask how ITC’s architecture can work with your custom CRM solution.

Call Center
Performance Tracking

In the Chat’s reporting suite is built for the contact center. Team and agent-level performance reports feature traditional metrics now applied to text messaging and social media. Interval reporting informs staffing plans, while case-based reports make quality assurance for digital far easier than the phone channel’s call listening. Whether your programs are focused on sales, service or both, ITC’s reporting suite will be a valued partner in your success.

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