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eBook: The Top 5 Barriers to Digital Transformation

What are the barriers that keep organizations from investing and executing on organization-wide
digital transformation, when the stakes have never been higher or more clear? What are the factors
that have created such a wide gap between knowledge and action? We’ve reviewed the research and identified 5 top barriers to organization-wide digital transformation.

eBook: Digital Messaging For Business

With the explosion of digital messaging, the customer service landscape is changing rapidly. Our white paper, newly updated for 2018 with the latest research, provides perspective on a crowded marketplace, and highlights the concepts that businesses need to focus on in implementing their digital strategy.


Customer support channels

The digital expectation gap

Customer service chatbots

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

2018 retailer challenges

2018 Consumer facts

Asynchronous communication

Digital customer retention

2017 Customer service trends

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ITC Digital Desktop for banking and Finance

ITC delivers authenticated customer experience excellence for banks and financial institutions

To learn more, download our datasheet on ITC for Banking and Finance:

ITC Digital Desktop For Insurance

Build customer loyalty with tools that create customer experience excellence and lower costs by making your customer contact agents more efficient.

To learn more, download our data sheet on ITC for Insurance:

ITC and Apple Business Chat

The Apple Business Chat Beta offers an exciting new way for businesses to connect with consumers.

To learn more, download our data sheet on ITC and Apple Business Chat:

Simply click to learn more about how ITC's Digital Desktop can work for you.

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