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Meet the ITC digital desktop engagement platform for omnichannel customer service excellence:

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People want to be able to communicate with brands the same way they connect with each other: digitally.

All digital channels

ITC's omnichannel platform for digital customer service consolidates digital communication channels into a single platform that allows agents to engage with customers the same way, regardless of channel.

ITC's digital desktop allows you to engage with your customers on their channel of choice without restricting them by providing a single online solution to connect with customers via: SMS texting, social media, live chat, messengers, email, and Chatbots. It also delivers agent optimization through channel consolidation, allowing businesses to improve agent and customer experience at the same time by giving agents the ability to easily handle multiple channels concurrently without internal process bottlenecks.

ITC platform features include:

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    CRM Integration: push customer interactions to integrated CRM, regardless of service channel
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    Self-Service Automation: Integration with Chatbots to provide scalable digital customer service
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    Seamless Chatbot to Agent Transfer: Customers can transfer to agents at any time, with full conversation transcripts
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    Secure Authentication: Empower agents to fully assist customers over digital channels while protecting customer information
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    Reporting and Metrics: Access contact center-grade reporting metrics to get insights into the performance of your teams
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    All Channels, One Dashboard: Reduce agent stress by consolidating all digital channels into one platform
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    Skills-Based and Best-Service Routing: NLP and text analytics route messages to the best agent at the best time
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    Integrated Conversation Log Across All Channels: Give your agents a 360 degree view of your customer interactions
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    Increased Efficiency: Eliminate inefficiency caused by separate agents on separate platforms 
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    Social Listening: Use NLP to find customer retention and engagement opportunities to grow your brand

More features:

  • Pre-written chat snippets
  • API integration
  • Automated messages
  • Support for SMS shortcodes
  • Queue management
  • Conversation tagging
  • Secure messaging
  • Emoji support
  • Data hub/warehouse
  • Chatbot planning
  • Plugin-free deployment
  • Customizable analytics and reports
  • Text Analytics and NLP
  • Share/link documents and files
  • Agent management

Learn more about the channels supported by ITC

ITC makes scaling digital easy:

Self-service automation with chatbots: how it works

digital customer service with NLP and chatbots
  1. ITC receives a message from a user on a given channel (Twitter, Facebook, etc).
  2. ITC sends message information to the bot if it’s a new conversation or the user is currently engaged with the bot. (Otherwise, the message goes to the human currently
    handling the case.)
  3. If no escalation is needed, the bot sends a message to the user via ITC
  4. If escalation is needed, conversation is transferred to a human agent

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