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ITC's Digital Desktop lets customers choose when, how, and where they connect with your company.

ITC delivers customer experience excellence with:

Engage your Student Body, Faculty, and Staff over their Preferred Messaging Channels

Offer students a text number and open an instant, two-way communication channel directly to your students.

It’s cheaper, faster and more efficient than phone. Best of all — your students will love you for it!

Make waiting in line a thing of the past and cut phone costs down to size by giving your students, faculty and staff Campus Connect.

Why text messaging for schools?

Because today’s students no longer read emails; causing communication gaps, confusion, and frustration within the educational community. ITC solves this problem by empowering your school to connect with students in the same space where they spend their free time: digital messaging and social media.

Creating a frictionless communications system for your school will save time for your faculty and staff and, more importantly,increase your rate of student success.



of people ages 18–19 use their cell phone for text messaging

of the student-aged population want text messaging as a service



text messages are sent and received per month by the average 18 - 24 year-old

more efficient and cost-effective serving students over text than phone

Bring the benefits of text to school

CampusConnect, messaging for schools

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concurrent icon
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Mobile: Students can connect from anywhere to ask questions

Concurrent: Phone calls are 1-to-1. Text enables support of 3-5 students at once.

Fast: Text messages are short. Text conversations are brief.

Low Cost: Sending and receiving text messages is less expensive than phone calls.

Why text messaging for schools?


  • Send key date / deadline notifications and reminders
  • Receive and respond to student and application inquiries


  • Answer inbound questions about courses and programs
  • Deliver notices of upcoming deadlines and requirements

Departments & Faculty

  • Send alerts and reminders to students and faculty
  • Receive and respond to student inquiries and updates


  • Offer a convenient channel for students, faculty and staff to advise of issues
  • Simplify technician dispatch


  • Push alerts and updates about on-campus events
  • Receive and respond to inquiries about campus life

Alumni Relations

  • Open a convenient new fundraising channel
  • Promote alumni events and maintain relationships

Digital messaging for financial institutions

Visual IVR chatbot vs Conversation Bot

Why do Financial Institutions Love ITC?


Workforce optimization. Banks working with ITC have been able to reduce staffing by 30%, while doubling customer engagement.


Customer satisfaction. Banks that value customer experience (CX) leverage ITC to provide greater access to convenient services –earning more customer love!


Agile innovation. ITC works with financial institutions to quickly develop new functionality, pushing them to the leading edge of CX innovation.

ITC prioritizes security & privacy

secure authentication

Secure Authentication

Verify your customers’ identities to ensure the safe communication of sensitive information, i.e. PPI.


Permanently erase sensitive information from the ITC system, ensuring the security of your customers’ data.

high standards

high standards

ITC’s high standards in security and compliance has made it the trusted tool for financial organizations.
TD Bank logo

Leaders in Banking Innovation


Powered by ITC, TD Bank was the first major bank to launch customer service over 2-Way SMS and Facebook Messenger. Read more here and here.
TD Canada Twitter screenshot

How can I use digital messaging to boost sales?

digital channels

Seize the day

Connect with consumers in the space where they work and play. People today spend an average of 20.5 hours per week online and 2.9 to 4.1 hours a day on their mobile phones. Why not meet them in the places where they spend the majority of their free time?

Seize the day. The digital space presents a world of untapped opportunities where companies can connect with new customers over their preferred channels: texting, messenger apps, social media, live chat, and email.

attract new customers

Welcome a new audience

Merely opening SMS as a channel generates a 17.6% increase in consumer contacts, proving that companies who make themselves available to consumers on their preferred channels are welcoming an entirely new audience.

Launching any new channel provides consumers with an additional touch point for engaging with your company, presenting a strategy for attracting new customers. SMS, Messenger, WeChat, Line, Kik, live chat…Build it and they will come!

NLP combs social media finding sales leads

Follow Your Leads

Harness the power of NLP to quickly find leads. ITC’s proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) combs social media for sales leads while discarding irrelevant posts – saving your team’s precious time and enabling them to focus on valuable opportunities.

Custom-built to meet your needs. ITC tailors algorithms to maximize your sales team’s potential and optimize their efficiency. ITC’s technology searches social media for key words and phrases, separating the digital wheat from the chaff and presenting your sales agents with actionable leads for immediate engagement.

Virtual Sales assistant via chatbot

Virtual Sales Assistants

Automate sales; delight customers. Chatbots can guide customers through their purchase decisions, offering suggestions and facilitating sales. Your customers will marvel at this 21st-century shopping experience!

Increased engagement = increased sales. Chatbots provide conversational commerce experiences, engaging customers through deeply human processes (to chat is human). Ex. Tommy Hilfiger’s Gigi Hadid chatbot, serving as a virtual style assistant, has driven up brand engagement by 350%.

SMS promos via outbound sales text messaging, customer responds

SMS Sales

Get their attention. Given that 99% of all text messages are read (90% are read within 3 minutes of delivery), SMS presents a sure-fire way of ensuring your promotional messages are seen by your client base.

They’ll text you back. 2-Way SMS empowers clients to reply back to your text blasts, providing a frictionless sales experience and leading to personalized conversational engagements which can help close sales.

Pop up virtual assistant on website or app, to facilitate sales

Proactive Sales Assistance

Boost sales via timely digital assistance. Did you know that 53% of consumers are likely to abandon their online purchase if their questions aren’t answered quickly? Sounds like a job for proactive sales assistance!

Offer help when they need it the most. Displaying a pop-up contact button at key moments during a consumer’s online activity allows them to quickly connect with your sales agents over Live Chat, SMS, or messengers. These engagements can help finalize purchases and achieve your team’s revenue goals.

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