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Using separate platforms for each digital channel is inefficient

Consumer expectations for customer service have shifted such that a comprehensive digital strategy is no longer optional; companies that want to compete and grow in the new, hyper-competitive market landscape can either adapt or lose on customer experience and contact center agent efficiencies. This is no longer controversial, because we’ve all seen what has happened to companies who have failed to keep up. The question we’re here to ask is this:

Why is digital customer service still siloed when phone isn’t?

When you have different teams for different channels, you end up having staff that are only partially utilized. Consolidating your digital customer service onto one team allows your staff to use their time efficiently, especially if they have a digital desktop platform that allows for a seamless agent experience across digital channels!

The benefits of channel consolidation for customer service

improved agent efficiency

Improved Agent Experience

Channel consolidation benefits your customers and your agents. Your customers will be thrilled to get consistent service, regardless of which channel they choose to contact you. And your agents will be thrilled to have all their channels in one window that handles all communication types the same, regardless of channel.

improved customer experience

Improved Customer Experience

Customer Experience is the new marketing. Today's consumer is no longer brand loyal, meaning that customer service excellence is a key differentiator in an increasingly competitive market.
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improved efficiency

Increased Efficiency

Cut costs; boost productivity. Digital messaging is up to 3x more efficient than voice. Using a multichannel solution also maximizes efficiencies through UX optimization. Plus: chatbots boost efficiency rates even further by handling frequent inquiries.

Learn more about the benefits of channel consolidation by reading our whitepaper: Digital Messaging for Business


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Make digital scalable with self-service automation and chatbots

Chatbots divert interactions from digital agents the same way that IVR functions for phone

Bots help those who help themselves. Great customer experience also empowers customers to help themselves. Given that 67% of consumers prefer finding their own answers over contacting an agent; providing seamless, intuitive tools for self-service is becoming increasingly critical.

Until recently, companies have offered self-service via FAQs or online guides, but now self-service has become more fluid and more intuitive with chatbots technology. Today, companies can launch simple virtual assistants to replace FAQs or venture into the more sophisticated AI (artificial intelligence) world of conversational bots.

Learn more about the benefits chatbots can deliver to your business.

Secure authentication empowers you to fully assist customers over digital channels

secure authentication


Secure authentication is essential for verifying your customers’ identities and for enabling your agents to fulfill customer requests while protecting the security of their personally-identifiable information(PPI) – without having to switch to phone. However, when digital engagements require an exchange of sensitive information, the conversation must be transferred to a secure channel, which interrupts the agent’s workflow and increases customer frustration.

The solution: secure authentication that briefly diverts customers off-channel in a seamless way to verify their identity before returning to that same digital channel to complete the interaction – allowing for a fluid user experience for both parties.

Learn more about the benefits of secure authentication for digital customer service.

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