Digital Customer Service for Retail

WHY do shoppers love ITC?

  • More support = more purchases. Customers supported with live chat spend more.
  • SMS Promotions. Given that 99% of all text messages are read (90% are read within 3 minutes of delivery), SMS presents a sure-fire way of ensuring your promotional messages are seen by your client base.
  • Reduced cart abandonment. Displaying a pop-up contact button at key moments during a consumer’s online activity allows them to quickly connect with your sales agents over Live Chat, SMS, or messengers.

ITC empowers you to deliver customer experience excellence by:

Quickly answering customer questions

Connecting with customers on their preferred channels

Using 2-Way SMS engagement

Connect with customers where they work and play

It makes sense for companies to connect with consumers in a space where they already spend a great deal of their time: the digital space. The digital space presents a world of untapped sales opportunities where companies can broaden their reach to connect with new customers over text, messengers, and social media.

Launching new channels provides consumers with a new access point for engaging with your company – a strategy that can attract and retain new customers.

Personalize your customer experience with CRM integration

An integrated CRM can tie together all your customer interactions – both voice and digital.

Globally, the average consumer uses 3 or more customer service channels, and 75% of consumers expect a consistent customer experience across all customer service channels. To deliver a unified customer service experience, contact centers need to be able to push interaction details from any platform to a single CRM, so that your agents aren’t missing important details of a customer’s history.

Half of US consumers have purchased something after seeing it on social media.

57% of online shoppers will abandon a website after only 3 seconds of waiting for it to load, and 80% of those consumers will never return to that website.

Click-and-collect grocery shopping increased 30% from 2016 to 2018


Mobile: Customers can connect from anywhere to ask questions on their own time.

Concurrent: Phone calls are 1-to-1. Digital enables support of 3-5 customers at once.

Efficient: Digital messaging is more efficient than phone.

43% of consumers are willing to give retailers their personal information for personalized promotions and sales.

But 32% of customers think that irrelevant targeting is an invasion of privacy.

Businesses exchange 2 billion digital messages with consumers each month.

A poor online customer experience will prevent 3 out of 5 customers from making future purchases.

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