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With more than 1.2 billion users, Facebook Messenger is a major communication channel and a way for customers and prospects to contact your brand. ITC integrates Facebook Messenger into your customer service so your business can keep customers happy by messaging on their channel of choice.

Business on Messenger is a separate application from Facebook. Your business may already have a Facebook page, but this won’t ensure your brand is visible inside the Messenger app or Messenger.com.

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Just Add Internet: Messenger behaves just like text messaging that can be performed from any smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the Internet and doesn’t require a wireless provider’s text plan.

Efficiency: Like all text-based channels, customer communication over Messenger is 58% more efficient than voice. Moving 35% of calls to text = 20% reduction in contact center costs.

Easy to Find: Facebook users seeking out your brand will instantly find you over Messenger, which will result in a private, 2-way communication rather than having them post directly to your company’s Facebook page or in comments.

Messenger and Your Brand

Facebook’s vision for Messenger is to build business-friendly communication systems. ITC's Digital Desktop integrates Messenger into your business communications systems and CRM.

Industry Leaders

TD Bank Group was the world’s first major bank to offer Messenger customer contact through ITC.

Newegg was the first major online electronics retailer to offer Messenger customer contact through ITC.

TD Bank Financial Group logo

Newegg logo greyscale

Real Results

With over 1.5 billion active Facebook users and over a billion using Messenger, there’s a good chance someone is interested in your brand.

Your brand can add a “Message Us” button to its website or any other web or mobile page. You can even add a Message Us button to your business’ mobile app.

Messenger provides customers another way to contact your brand without having to call on the phone, saving your customer service department time and money while improving customer experience by making your brand available over a channel they already want to use.

ITC Digital Desktop makes it easy to integrate Messenger customer service. There are no new apps to install and no further agent training required.

But best of all — no communication silos.

Your customer’s Messenger communications will sit alongside text, chat and any other digital channel your customer wants to connect through. Your customer service agents can easily toggle between channels, freeing your customers from the phone and letting them decide how and when to contact your brand.

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