ITC's Digital Desktop lets customers choose when, how, and where they connect with your company.

ITC delivers customer experience excellence through:

Secure Authentication: Empower Your Team to Fully Assist Customers

Secure authentication is essential for verifying your customers’ identities and for enabling your agents to fulfill customer requests while protecting the security of their personally-identifiable information (PPI) – all without having to switch to phone.

secure authentication


Choose between simple identity verification options and more sophisticated solutions.

automatic or manual integration


You can choose automatic authentication via CRM integration or enable agents to authenticate manually.

secure hosting


Host the authentication dialog from behind your company’s firewall or let ITC host it for you.

boost productivity and customer experience

Boost Productivity While Enhancing Customer Experience

When digital engagements require an exchange of sensitive information, the conversation must be transferred to a secure channel, which interrupts the agent’s workflow and increases customer frustration. Secure authentication solves this problem, allowing for a fluid user experience for both parties.


Need more information? Contact ITC to request our Secure Authentication explainer package and access our educational videos.

Achieve True Omnichannel Customer Service with CRM Integration

ITC's Digital Desktop connects to CRMs, such as Salesforce, enabling you to store complete customer journeys in one location. 

Customer details gathered by your call center are housed alongside information gathered by your digital team, creating a single view of your customers and their histories.

Boost Efficiency

With CRM integration, agents can quickly access customer details from the convenience of the ITC portal. Armed with information from previous phone/digital interactions, agents can provide immediate assistance without customers having to reiterate their inquiries – saving time for your team and your customers.

boost efficiency

Banish Information Silos

Companies suffer from disjointed legacy systems and information silos, impeding a 360°vision of customers and their experiences. CRM integration banishes silos for good – empowering access to full data sets and facilitating information sharing.

banish information silos

Improve Efficiency and Quality with Skills-Based Routing

ITC’s proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) categorizes incoming messages and sends them to the most qualified agent for engagement; this means that agents can quickly give expert responses and provide efficient, high-quality customer experiences.

skills-based routing with NLP

How does it work?

Customers contact a company through their preferred channel (text messaging, messengers, live chat, social media, email).  When your customer’s message enters the ITC portal, it passes through an NLP-based algorithm which categorizes the message, and then directs them to self-service via chatbot or routes them to the next available, most qualified agent for engagement (a sales rep, service rep, or technical support).  This agent can then begin a fluid, well-informed engagement with your customer. After resolving the customer’s issue, the agent can push the case details to the company’s CRM.

ITC and your team determine how to best categorize your incoming messages. Messages can be separated into topic-specific streams (sales, service, technical support, etc.), into product-specific streams, and into region or language-based streams.

Access Contact-Center Grade Reporting Metrics

to get immediate insights into the performance of your teams and channels

  • Enterprise Data Reports: A comprehensive report featuring data from all activities, including agent activity, customer activity, and case management activity.
  • Engagement Activity Reports: A summary of all individual engagements between agents and customers, including full conversations, response times, and customer tracking.
  • Incoming & Outgoing Activity: A summary including all incoming activity (by channel and arrival time) and all outgoing responses sent by agents.
  • Team Performance Reports: Features performance metrics for individual agents and for your entire team. Includes classic contact center metrics (response time, average handle time, & more…)
  • Non-Actionable Reports: A report detailing discarded messages deemed “non-actionable” by agents. Messages include topic tags for facilitating deeper analysis…
  • Custom Data Reports: Custom data reports are available, in consultation with ITC. Contact us for more information.

Solve Live Chat Abandonment

ITC's digital desktop makes channel switching smooth and efficient

live chat to text, channel switching

It makes sense that13% of live chat sessions are abandoned: life is full of interruptions. However, live chat abandonment translates into lower efficiencies and higher costs for you company.


Seamlessly transition from live chat to texting. Routing your customer’s conversation from chat to a mobile number ensures that their conversation is never cut short by unexpected interruptions, because the conversation can continue indefinitely over text – enabling customer engagement on-the-go.

Enable channel switching while maintaining your customer's complete journey

CRM integration

CRM integration empowers your customers to choose their own journeys and enables you to seamlessly track them.

Freedom to choose. Customers can start an engagement on one channel (phone, live chat, email) and switch to another channel (text, social media, messaging apps) while maintaining the flow of their journey. 


Data integrity. ITC enables you to locate the details of your customer’s conversations inside your company’s CRM, linking all interactions across all channels within one customer profile.

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