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ITC lets customers choose how, when, and where they connect with your company

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Apple Business Chat

In January, Apple announced the launch of Apple Business Chat to allow for Apple users to communicate directly with businesses through the Apple Messages app. In March of 2018,this feature was launched as part of the new iOS 11.3, with certain the support of select Customer Service Providers.

Facebook Messenger

Future-Proof Sales, Marketing, & Service: Messenger has more than 1.2 billion active users, making it a major new communication channel and a new way for customers and prospects to contact your brand.


ITC is already at work integrating the next big thing in mobile messaging so your business is ready for tomorrow.

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Social Media

We specialize in best-in-class social media engagement for contact centers.


Software that sounds “too good to be true”, probably is. No one social media platform excels at all your marketing, publishing, listening, analytics and customer service needs. It’s especially true in software; the jack-of-all trades is usually master of none.

Start winning in social media sales and service with the solution that was built to deliver results for your contact center today.


According to an ICMI study, 67% of consumers say they want to text companies for customer service. 2-Way text messaging is the most convenient service channel: no calls to place, no waiting on hold or sitting in chat sessions. Text interactions enable a single agent to concurrently assist multiple customers. The benefits of text are as exciting for your company’s bottom line as it is for your customer.

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Other Channels: Email and Live Chat

Email: Give Email SMS-level speeds and boost the overall efficiency of your team.

Live Chat: ITC's Digital Desktop connects customers to brands In real time – anywhere online

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