Engage Students on Their Preferred Communication Channels

Why digital messaging for schools?

of people ages 18–19 use their cell phone for digital messaging

text messages are sent and received per month by the average 18 - 24 year-old

of the student-aged population want digital messaging as a service

CampusConnect, messaging for schools

make waiting in line a thing of the past

Offer students a digital option and open an instant, two-way communication channel directly to your students.

It’s cheaper, faster and more efficient than phone. Best of all — your students will love you for it!

Use ITC to improve satisfaction with:


  • Send key date / deadline notifications and reminders

  • Receive and respond to student and application inquiries


  • Answer inbound questions about courses and programs

  • Deliver notices of upcoming deadlines and requirements

Departments & Faculty:

  • Send alerts and reminders to students and faculty
  • Receive and respond to student inquiries and updates


  • Allow students, faculty, and staff to quickly advise of issues.

  • Simplify technician dispatch


  • Push alerts and updates about on-campus events

  • Receive and respond to inquiries about campus life

Alumni Relations:

  • Open a convenient new fundraising channel
  • Promote alumni events and maintain relationships


Mobile: Students can connect from anywhere to ask questions on their own time.

Concurrent: Phone calls are 1-to-1. Digital enables support of 3-5 students at once.

Efficient: Digital is more efficient than phone.

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