ITC Makes Scaling Digital Easy for Contact Centers

Why do contact centers
love ITC?

  • All channels, one platform
  • Improved customer and agent experience
  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs
  • New revenue streams

Silos for digital channels are inefficient

The problem: In contact centers today, either a single agent has to use multiple systems to support to support customers across channels, or smaller teams are dedicated to specific channels using different systems for each channel.

One team with separate channel solutions causes desktop overwhelm

The average contact center agent uses 7 programs and 2 monitors to assist customers.

Time lost to task-switching can amount to a staggering 40% loss of productivity.

Different tools for different channels causes desktop overwhelm, which leads to employee frustration and burnout – especially if those tools are not integrated with your CRM. 

Separate teams for separate channels causes under-utilized teams

It is inefficient to have different teams using different tools to serve customers on different channels. When your channels are siloed, you end up having employees that are only partially utilized.

For example, when your chat team is busy, your social team can't help out. Or if email is quiet, email agents can't jump over to social.

The solution to both problems: consolidate digital customer service agents onto one team with one platform for all channels with CRM integration to provide seamless customer and agent experience.

ITC delivers customer experience excellence for contact centers:

Banish information silos with CRM integration.

Virtual Sales assistant via chatbot

Harness the power of chatbots to increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

Improve Efficiency and Quality with Skills-Based Routing

Scale digital customer service with self-service automation

Globally, businesses exchange 2+ billion digital messages per month

More than 37% of customers would prefer chatbot customer service over waiting just 3 minutes

From 2017 to 2018, chatbot activity grew 5.6x

Chatbots are seen as 34% more convenient than phone for 24 hour customer service

Chatbots offer time-saving efficiency through:

  • responding to general questions 
  • gathering information for agents prior to an interaction
  • analyzing inquiries and helping to avoid the need to repeat information

Chatbots divert digital interactions just like IVR for phone

How it works

  • ITC receives a message from a user on a given channel (Twitter, Facebook, etc).
  • ITC sends message information to the bot if it’s a new conversation or the user is currently engaged with the bot. 
  • If escalation is needed, conversation is transferred to a human agent


Mobile: Customers can connect from anywhere to ask questions on their own time.

Concurrent: Phone calls are 1-to-1. Digital enables support of 3-5 customers at once.

Efficient: Digital messaging is more efficient than phone.

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