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Customer Service

InTheChat enables engagement with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger to bring a uniquely mobile digital customer experience to your contact center.

ITC customers are winning in the social media sales and service space with programs that include: 

  • Enterprise Customer Service
  • Self-Service Automation
  • Public and Private Engagement 

In Social Media, Timing is Everything

In customer service, we need to know when consumers turn to social media. 

Maybe a customer’s concern wasn’t resolved, and they want to air their grievance publicly or maybe they’re looking for product recommendations or support.

Whatever the reason, your company should be there for that customer or prospect. Consumer willingness to wait for a response is short and the stakes are high when you can’t communicate with the customer on their preferred channel. There’s always a responsive competitor ready to win their business.

ITC enables your company to quickly and effectively engage consumers in the social web for sales, customer service and loyalty.

37% pie chart

of the world's population are active social media users

70% pie chart

of adults use a smartphone

74% pie chart

of millennials agree that social media responsiveness improves their perception of a brand

How do you measure up?

  • Is your customer service team using asocial media solution that wasn’t designed for the contact center?
  • Does your team waste time scrolling through irrelevant posts?
  • Do you get the informed reporting you need to manage your social customer service operations?

  • ITC's Digital Desktop was created for the enterprise contact center to deliver an efficient and effective service experience via social media.
We specialize in best-in-class social media for contact centers.
Software that sounds “too good to be true”, probably is. No one social media platform excels at all your marketing, publishing, listening, analytics and customer service needs. It’s especially true in software; the jack-of-all trades is usually master of none.

Start winning in social media sales and service with the solution that was built to deliver results for your contact center today.

Texting on the phone

Women on the bus smartphone

Texting man

Benefits of ITC Digital Desktop

Greater Efficiency:
Versus other customer service channels and even your current platform.

New Revenue Streams:
Potential customers who may purchase your products and services.

Customer Loyalty:
Building longer-lasting relationships with customers in their channel of choice.

ITC delivers digital customer care over popular social media networks

Facebook Messenger

ITC will ensure your brand is instantly discovered in Facebook Messenger search so customers can interact directly and privately with your agents. Meanwhile, ITC gathers all the relevant activity on your Facebook wall, allowing your agents to respond instantly.

When your customer service agents respond to queries through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, they can easily move the conversation to a private channel to provide more detailed responses or to share private, customer-specific information. Instantly switch between text messaging, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Message or any channel your customer chooses, all within the same customer interaction through one unified platform.


Instagram is a great channel for brands to share marketing campaigns, community events, and various sponsorships. Unfortunately, consumer responses to company Instagram activity often fall between the cracks because the customer service team doesn’t have a way to monitor.

ITC Instagram monitoring allows your social customer service team to respond to customer comments on Instagram and monitor specific hashtags.

When it comes to customer service – a picture is worth a thousand phone calls.

Instagram Direct allows the Instagram community to send private messages containing text accompanying photos or short videos directly to one or more recipients. The recipient is notified immediately through the Instagram app providing a direct line of communication. Somewhere among the more than 300 million Instagram users are your customers.


As a unified platform ITC brings together all your brand’s Twitter mentions into a central location, allowing your agents to easily respond. Whether it’s a Direct Message, an @-message directed to your brand or just the use of your brand name in a tweet, ITC brings in the actionable data and filters out the non-actionable and irrelevant noise.

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